Fresh Flower Wholesaler.

Fresh Flower Wholesaler.

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Ivan’s Flowers is a wholesale provider of high-quality, local and imported fresh flowers. We sell a large colorfull and gorgeous floral collection from all around the world, (Holland, New Zealand, Israel, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador) to the florists and designers in the great Los Angeles area. Whether other flower wholesalers or retailers, we proud of serving excellently and satisfying their floral needs with top fresh products.


We have been providing the most colorful fresh flowers in many LA stores since long. Every one of our customers can find what they need to make their floral businesses grow. We cover any type of event, weddings, graduation parties, conferences and more. At Ivan’s Flowers we make sure what you get is what you wish so that your business never run out of color and fresh, high-quality products.

Flowers right in front of your store!!

Imagine filling your stores with all the flower varieties you can, from the most common ones to the most exotic ones, we have them for you!! Our customer service staff is always ready to deliver an A-grade attention to your purchase and to make you get your fresh flower order right in front of your store!

Don’t panic!! Whether at our warehouse or your stores, we follow all the security protocols that resulted from Covid-19 Pandemic. Since social distancing to disinfection, you will get your fresh products in time and safely always.

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